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Online Tribute and Obituary Services

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A Guide to Composing an Obituary and Tribute

What is an Obituary ?

An Obituary is a “farewell” to the deceased detailing their life experiences. It additionally serves as an announcement/notification that an individual has passed away. Honor your loved ones death by composing a tribute and obituary at Tributes.us which is integrated with your local city/town site which is part of the USA Online Network.!

Virtual Obituary on

Tributes.us offers you a platform to express your thoughts and feelings for your loved ones who have passed away. You can create a virtual obituary in minutes at USAOnline.us and this will save both your money and time.

Tributes.us will helps you share the memories of your loved ones. It works as fast communication to inform everyone that possibly knew him or her about the death. Virtual remembrance is the quickest way of informing all, rather than through newspaper obituaries. You can share it on social media to let all the friends and family who are far away to know.

Create an Obituary/Tribute For Ever-Lasting Legacy

Create a dedicated profile page on www.Tributes.us . Send out the necessary details about the loved one’s demise. Notify your family, friends and acquaintances from across the world of your loved one’s death. This online tribute provides wonderful features and packages for a permanent virtual adobe of your loved one that could be visited anytime and at any place. The personalization of the memorial page gives choice of background themes

It brings an idea of ever lasting legacy alive, in addition, you can also do the following:
  • Shower Flowers gallery provides an opportunity for all to shower virtual flowers in memory of the deceased.
  • Light a Candle Gallery provides an opportunity for all to light a virtual candle to mourn the demise of their loved ones. The “Virtual Light a Candle” symbolizes prayer. Light a Candle today!
  • You can even Post a Condolence and Remembrance Message for the deceased.
  • Share the memories and anecdotes of the deceased. Bring factual information into picture so that you can help the reader know who your loved one was, how they lived and what they did. Make the obituary a memorable one!
The Obituary posts on www.Tributes.us will be visible for 15 days under the Obituary only package.

Under the combined package, the Obituary post will be on the Obituaries section of the site with easy to use web address and then for 3 days before and 3 days after the birth and death anniversary on the Tribute section of your state, city and tribute.us.


The most important part of obituary is listing of survivors. In the state of grief, you might forget some important members of the family. 
Tributes.us has provided a section for survivors, so that you don’t forget to mention the important relatives of the deceased.

List the information of the survivors. This includes the deceased family members, starting with the closest relations:

Spouse name
Children (in order of age)
Great-grandchildren (if any)
Other important members of the family

  • If any of the relations have died or non-existent, go to the next relation.
  • List the full name of the children, along with their place of residence in parenthesis, separated by semi-colon.
  • All the children and grandchildren must be numbered.
  • If you don’t know the names of all the grandchildren and greats, write “many grandchildren and great grandchildren” to avoid leaving anyone out.
  • List the relatives with their first name.
  • List the spouse’s full name. First name in parenthesis and then the surname.

Example: "He/She (First name) is survived by (number of children): full name, of (place); name, (of place) [Jenny Smith, of Chicago]. He/She is also survived by (number) grandchildren and (number) great-grandchildren."

Photos & Videos

Photos and Videos serve as a reminder of the deceased. It is the best way to recognize your loved ones among all the other tributes/obituaries.
Post the old photos and videos on 
Tributes.us. Include a recent photo as well. These photos remind of the person’s living before death.
The videos should include the life of the deceased. Share the best moments of his/her life in the video. The videos are a treasured keepsake that you can watch whenever you remember the person. It is a token of remembrance for you and your loved ones!


  • The photos should be clear- black & white or colored
  • The photo should have a well-cropped headshot
  • The photos selected should represent the individual’s life and connection with friends, family and community.
  • Videos should have clarity with perfect sound levels and background music (if required).
  • Videos should include the title, materials used, when it was created, who all are in video, and so on.
  • Videos may include interviews of family, friends and coworkers. They may share their experience/events with the person.

Biographical Sketch/Life Summary

The biographical sketch must be clear and concise. It should include the basic information about the person who has passed away.

Life Summary: What to Include

Life Summary should include birth date, birth place, parent’s name, place of residence, any accomplishments, schools attended, memberships of any association, interests, volunteering and community development, and recollections or anecdotes.


He/She has died at the age of (). He/She passed away at (hospital name or place) in (city, state) on (full date e.g. 21st January 2016). He/She was known for (qualities). He/She had a long and distinguished career in (sector/industry). He/She will be missed by everyone.

Biography: What to Include

Recount the significant events, contributions, traits, achievements and connections in the deceased’s life. This may include where the person was born, his/her achievements/honors, educational background, hobbies or vocations.

  • List the events in chronological order.
  • List the important contributions and recognitions.
  • Mention the influence the deceased had on you, family or community. List a few stories/events related to the deceased.
  • Use adjectives to describe the deceased and his life.
  • Frame short paragraphs.
  • Be clear, concise and crisp.

She/He was born to the late (Parents name), date of birth, in (place of birth- city, state). She/He graduated from (school name) in (year) and received a (degree name) in (subject/course) from (University name) in (year). She/He married to (spouse’s name) in (year). She/He was a (profession). She/He was passionate about (reading, writing or any interest). She/He was honored with (awards) in (year). She/He loved (interests, like biking, hiking, running, golfing etc.).

Tell the life story of the deceased in the best possible way!

Essential Elements in Obituary & Samples

Writing an Announcement of Death: What to Include

It is imperative to provide the complete information of the deceased individual so that others can use the information to determine if they know him/her, and if so, how to pay their tribute.

Write the deceased’s full name: This includes first name, middle name and last name, along with titles like Mr., Ms or Miss.

Include the basics- the place of residence of death, age, religion, date and time: Provide the complete address of the individual, the date and time of passing, date of birth, religion, and his or her age. Also, add a photograph (colored or black and white).

Spouse, children and other relatives like grandchildren, in that order: The spouse should be mentioned first, followed by the children in order of age, and their spouses (if applicable), followed by grandchildren and great grandchildren by age.

Service Times: What to Include ?

Include the date, time and place of burial and funeral service.
Include the date, time and place of visitation

Why Virtual Obituary and Tribute ?

A single platform for all:
No one has to have a newspaper subscription to learn about the remembrance/memorial service. USA Online Network's sites serves every US location to share the information. It is easily accessible to all!

All can be a part of it: As the tribute is given online, this allows you to connect with a plenty of people from across the world. Tell the family, friends and acquaintance around the world of what has happened and happening.

Share the thoughts, light a candle, and shower flowers:
You can express your feelings and share your thoughts for your loved ones who have passed away, all in one place!

Long-term availability: The virtual obituary/tribute is available for the long term. When you feel low or while remembering your loved ones who have passed away, you can read what others posted in honor of the loved one’s death, or connect with people and share your thoughts. It provides an easy-to-access location that helps you to recover fast from grief.

Virtual Obituary and Tribute is the ideal approach to stay connected with the people from around the world. Share your thoughts, love and care on the site. Allow others to shower flowers, light a candle and post a message. A long lasting tribute to the people you love!

Samples of Remembrance Messages/Obituaries

In this distressing time words are less to express our feeling for loved ones, who leave will always be missed. To help you we have brought together some examples of remembrance messages/obituaries.

For Elder Men

Chandler Smith, 76, died December 27, 2015, with his family by his side in Henderson, Nevada.

He leaves his wife of 70 years, Mary Smith; his daughter Aria Smith; his son Ray Smith; three grandchildren and many close friends.

He was born February 9, 1939, in Baltimore to John and Mary Smith. He received bachelor’s degree in Finance from DeVry University in 1959, followed by Master’s degree in Finance from DeVry University in 1962. He worked as a professor in National University until his retirement. He met his wife, Mary Smith, at church, and they were married in 1964.

Mr. Chandler has a passion for writing and singing, and was an avid golfer as well.

Condolences for the family may be offered online at 

For Elderly Women

Emily Sanders, a long-time resident of the Jersey City, died Saturday 26th January 2016 at Christ Hospital.

Born in 1946 in Madison, Emily received a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology from James Madison University in 1969. Emily worked as a professor. Emily loved socializing and cooking, enjoy listening to music and going to movies, and was very kind.

She is survived by her nephew, Mark Long and several grandnephews and grandnieces, all of whom live in Chandler, and brought great happiness to her later years.

Condolences for the family may be offered online at 

For a Young Man

Toby Milton, 20, of Northborough, died January 19, 2015 as a result of brief illness. He was born November 12, 1994 in Utica, the son of Ezra and Maria Milton. He graduated from North High School in 2012, where he was a member of the basketball team. He was currently enrolled in Clark University majoring in Economics.

Toby is survived by his parents Ezra and Maria of Northborough; his sister Claire. He also leaved his paternal grandparents Mathew and Betty Fitz, also of Northborough. He is also survived by his girlfriend Maria Shawn of Northborough, his several close friends, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Condolences for the family may be offered online at 

For Young Professional

Tony Carter, Professional Singer, died at age 27. Tony Carter began singing at the tender age of 4 and has gained immense popularity in the community. He passed away on January 14, 2016 at 5:30pm at Main Street Hospital as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident. When he was only 10 years old, he won his first singing award and since then, he has won many awards in the field.

Tony leaves behind his parents Frank and Frankie and several friends both professional and personal.
In remembrance of Tony and his love for singing, his Jazzy J Club has kept a show on 25 January 2016. Join in to remember your beloved singer, Tony Carter.

Condolences for the family may be offered online at 

For Sudden Demise

Joan Colt, 28, Utica, died at 1:00pm, Saturday, January 25, 2016, from injuries sustained in motor vehicle accident in Utica.

Joan was born January 2, 1988 in Utica, Mohawk Valley. He worked as a software engineer and was a member of the local basketball team.

He is survived by his wife, Tina Colt; by his mother Shana Colt; one sister, Kalinda Humphrey, and husband Rey; and several aunts, uncles, cousins and close friends.

He is preceded in death by his father, Jake Colt; and his grandparents, Will and Sue Carter, Damon and Angela Colt.

Services will be held at 10:00am, Sunday, Jan. 26, at Dimbleby Funeral Home. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Mohawk Valley Community.

Condolences for the family may be offered online at 

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